Leaving Newcastle: A Practical Guide to the Dreaded Clear-Out

Posted on June 26th, 2017

Clearing out a student house is the worse job in the world

It’s a well-known fact that clearing out a student house is officially One of the Worst Jobs in the World. ™ How it’s possible to accumulate so much junk is a mystery to all of us. I myself arrived in Newcastle 3 years ago with exactly 3 suitcases, and somehow STILL found myself calling my Mum in for back up when it came to clear-out day. Thankfully, we’re here to help you sort out your mess, and make the leaving process just a tiny bit easier.


The clean check list

Vacuum all floor areas including under all beds and furniture

Wash all tiled and wooden floors & skirting boards

Dust and polish all surface areas Dust/clean inside drawers and wardrobes

Clean all kitchen appliances including cooker, hob and fridge freezer Wash down internal windows

Remove stains on carpets

Check all light bulbs are working

Remove all rubbish & personal items not in the property at the start of your tenancy e.g. crockery, cutlery, food etc…!

Newcastle’s foodbanks need your help

Clearing out your cupboards at the end of the year can be a bit of a gross experience. There’s bound to be a rotten onion hiding in there somewhere and I bet you one of your flatmates will come face to face with a moldy piece of bread. Once you’ve battled the nasties and put them well in the bin, you’ll likely be faced with weighty cans and other food materials you just didn’t get round to eating. That’s where Newcastle West End Foodbank steps in. The local food bank has a collection point inside Grainger Market, where they’ll accept a whole range of foods and deliver it to those who need it most. The food bank is currently experiencing a food crisis, so anything you could drop off would be much appreciated. Here’s a handy little list of items they will accept;

  • Cereal, pasta, rice
  • Tinned tomatoes, tinned vegetables, tinned meat, tinned fish, tinned fruit
  • Milk UHT or powdered, tinned rice pudding
  • Pasta sauce
  • Sugar 500g or more
  • Fruit juice (long life)
  • Tea bags/instant coffee
  • Biscuits or snack bars

Clothes, appliances, furniture etc…

If an avalanche of clothes rains down on you whenever you open the wardrobe, or you find yourself with 6 kettles between your 5 housemates, then now’s probably a good time to get clearing out. At the end of the year, it can be all too tempting to just bung everything in the bin together and not give it another thought. Thankfully, British Heart Foundation is making donating stuff to them super easy this year, so you don’t even have the “it’s too far away” excuse. Last year, their end of year collection saw £90,000 of donations come from Newcastle-based students, and thankfully, they have set up loads more drop off points this year.

British Heart Foundation pack for good campaign

BHF donation points in the city

West Jesmond :   Lyndhurst Avenue and Brentwood Avenue.

In Heaton: Cheltenham Terrace, Hotspur Street , Heaton Park Road or Newington Road.

For a full list of the post codes of these drop of points click here

There’s really no reason not to donate: you’re getting rid of unwanted stuff and helping those with heart disease in the process. Yay!

Buy, sell, swap

Due to re-wiring and safety checks, some charity shops are unable to take donated TV’s and similar items. If you’ve carted one from home and don’t fancy taking it back again, your best option is probably to do a little bit of research and put it up for grabs in a local Buy, Sell, Swap group.  For the Heaton area, check out this Facebook Page, and for Jesmond and Sandyford way, this group is probably your best bet. The groups are great because they allow you to pass unwanted things directly on to someone else in the community who really needs them, and the swap is usually super easy to arrange. Just make sure to take a mate with you!

Other things to remember:

  • Some letting agents and landlords will charge you for removal of leftover furniture.  Make sure you’ve made your best effort to shift the extra stuff you’ve brought into the house.
  • If you can’t make it to a donation point but want to give things away, ring up the local charity. Some come and pick up directly from your house.
  • Make sure you give the house a really good scrub before you leave. You’ve got your best chance of getting your deposit back if you pay attention to detail! Clean skirting boards, toothbrush in between the tiles and wiping down walls. Seeing that money return to your account really is worth all the scrubbing and sweating – we promise!

Good luck, and do let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you have any other tips for moving out!

Sara x

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