How to nail the tenancy check out
process …….

Tip no 1 – When you leave the property it must be cleaned to a
professional standard. The best way to ensure this is to book a
clean with a professional company.
Tip no 2 – Doing it yourself? Here is your checklist:
Vacuum all floor areas including under all beds and furniture
Wash all tiled and wooden floors & skirting boards
Dust and polish all surface areas
Dust/clean inside drawers and wardrobes
Clean all kitchen appliances including cooker, hob and fridge freezer
Wash down internal windows
Remove stains on carpets
Check all light bulbs are working
Remove all rubbish & personal items not in the property at the start
of your tenancy e.g. crockery, cutlery, food etc…!

Tip no 3 – Remove all your rubbish, unwanted clothes and any
furniture you brought in to the property.

Take a house trip to the local dump – click here! Even better donate to the British Heart
Foundation Pack for Good campaign.

Tip no 4 – Don’t forget to empty your fridge and freezer. Take any
unwanted tinned and dried unopened food to the donation point at
Tesco’s in Jesmond. The Food Banks in Newcastle are desperate for
donations at this time of year.

Tip no 5 – Get your keys in ON TIME. All full sets of keys MUST
BE returned (by 12 noon) – otherwise the cost of any duplicate
keys required will be deducted from your damage deposit.

Tip no 6 – Speed up your deposit return by booking an
accompanied checkout. Agree any charges there and then, sign
our form and your deposit return will be processed as a priority
when we return to the office.

Tip no 7 – Make sure individual tenants have settled any
charges from during the tenancy. Replacement keys, late
payment fees and breach of contract charges will be incurred by
all tenants if they are outstanding at the end of the tenancy.

Tip no 8 – Replace any light bulbs that have gone during the

Tip no 9 – If your deposit was protected by the DPS make sure
the lead tenant has the Deposit Repayment ID safe. They will
need to log on to the DPS website when prompted to recover the
deposit. If they have lost the repayment ID a reminder can be
requested from www.depositprotectionservice.com

Tip no 10 – If your deposit was protected by Mydeposits make
sure we have your bank details so that we can transfer your
deposit back to you by BACS as soon as we have agreed any
charges. The sooner you send us your bank details – the sooner
we can return your money!
For a full list of our charges please click here. Any questions
email portfoliomanagement@easilivinguk.co.uk

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