By Law all deposits must be protected under a government certified Deposit Protection Scheme.

We told you who your deposit was protected by and provided you with the prescribed information of the relevant scheme in your tenancy documents. This was provided through Goodlord at the time you signed your tenancy agreement.

Your deposit will have been protected by either MyDeposits (an insurance based scheme – held by Easiliving) or by The Deposit Protection Scheme (a custodial scheme –held by scheme).

We will be sending you an inventory digitally either before or on the day your tenancy starts. You will be able to add comments and then sign the inventory. We will use this document when completing the check out at the end of your tenancy.

MyDeposits – The lead tenant has been sent the Deposit Protection Certificate and the prescribed information and has signed this digitally by EchoSign. This certificate must be kept safe. At the end of the tenancy after the checkout we will notify you of any deductions and will refund your deposit straight into your bank account by BACS.

For further information about deposits protected by MyDeposits please click here


Deposit Protection Service – We have sent your Deposit monies to the DPS and they are no longer held by Easiliving. The lead tenant has received an email with a notice of the deposit ID and a PIN number. This email MUST be kept safe. At the end of the tenancy we will log into our DPS account, notify the scheme of any deductions and they will email the lead tenant. To reclaim the money the lead tenant will need to log on using the PIN number and provide bank details. The DPS will refund the money directly into the bank account provided.

For further information about deposits protected by DPS please click here


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